What is The Golem Project ?

What is the Golem project? That is the task of today’s post here in the Digital Distributed Asset. It is an Ethereum run distributed shared computational resource. As such it is a supercomputer. It not only promises to perform this high performance computing in a distributed way, but also to leverage these computations to apply […]

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Scaling Bitcoin Milan 2016 and the fungibility issue with Bitcoin

Fungibility – the functionality of an asset to be interchangeable with itself – is an issue with Bitcoin. Bitcoins and crytpocurrencies are not completely fungible. This is important for an asset to perform well in payments and in reaching quick agreement over settlement of a transaction. If cryptocurrencies will succeed as an important alternative payment […]

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Ethereum Name System: how the new domain name systems run on a Blockchain?

The world-wide web depends on the so called Domain Name System to every website reach us when we type a particular address. However this system is somewhat outdated, centralized (in spite of the Wikipedia entry above stating otherwise…) and increasingly unable to deal to greater demand for registry. Basically this process do the transcription of […]

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MaidSafe technology for a safe Internet of value truly distributed

The recent major Cyber attacks perpetrated by still unidentified cyber criminals is just another event confirming the current vulnerabilities of the Internet infrastructure. There are many clever people of the view the this infrastructure is far from safe, secure and reliable, exposing us normal users to increasing risks. I am of the same opinion and […]

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Attacks to Bitcoin from an insecure routing Internet protocol world – countermeasures needed

Today I would like to highlight a post from the website Hacker, Distributed (run by Computer Scientist Emin Gün Sirer) I recently have the luck to catch on by a friend of mine. It concerns a research paper and effort to disclose the vulnerabilities in the Bitcoin network to Internet routing attacks. The conclusions in […]

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Introducing Status: the Mobile Ethereum Client

Epicenter collection of YouTube videos featuring some important Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum and cryptocurrencies protagonists is impressive. The channel normally features 1 hour-long video chats with those figures, but interestingly the view count isn’t numerous. A surprise or another confirmation that video through the Internet is still a business of lesser quality content. But Epicenter features […]

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The Hyperledger galaxy of projects

Hyperledger is one of the most important and interesting developments within the Blockchain space of innovative initiatives. It was spun off from leading software engineers from The Linux Foundation in order to develop and create Blockchain ecosystems that would be deployed for business applications. As of today there are already a few of these: Hyperledger […]

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