The Basic Attention Token (BAT) explanation

Having resolved my technical issues as of late, which triggered some anxiety from my part as to the activity of blogging on a daily basis, I am back today here for the Digital Distributed Asset readers.

But I am continuing on a short post schedule. This time with an interesting video from Boxmining, that featured before in this blog post. it presents and explains briefly what is the Basic Attention Token (BAT) project, why it might be relevant for the digital advertising industry, its main motivations, their major developers and heads, and so forth…

Digital advertising is big business. But it is also a power grabbing, ruthless oligarchy of sorts. Much of the revenue streams are channeled to a few distributors and intermediaries, with everyone else, and especially those that create much of the value and content not able to fully share in the benefits. Blockchain technology and distributed ledgers have been promising to disrupt and change this state of affairs, but there are still hurdles and obstacles to pass. The project behind the Basic Attention Token (BAT) is, among others, one development in the direction of really democratizing the digital advertising industry.

Recently this project have undergone an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) funding process opening (I will have to post a more substantive take on ICOs for this Blog, in order to square the circle here, but that will be a later installment).

As it is properly explained in the above video, BAT promises to accomplish a browser experience free of unwanted advertising and in the process reward both publishers, users and even  the browser company behind this project, the creators of the Brave browser. It promises to have an ecosystem of digital advertising exchanges where instead of users and browsers companies having to view/accept ads in order to access content, there’s a level playing field by transparently, via Blockchain technology, everyone access the content they want paying what they want to consume without intrusive advertisement. In addition, the attention users give to content is rewarded itself, given this attention is the real value in digital advertising, that is, we may create win-win outcomes between all stakeholders involved.

As a final word, the video also provide views as to te roadblocks/drawbacks with these kind of developments. The major one is the way major social networks like Twitter and Facebook will receive this and possible respond… in-kind.


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