Ethereum Name System: how the new domain name systems run on a Blockchain?

The world-wide web depends on the so called Domain Name System to every website reach us when we type a particular address. However this system is somewhat outdated, centralized (in spite of the Wikipedia entry above stating otherwise…) and increasingly unable to deal to greater demand for registry. Basically this process do the transcription of machine-readable IP addresses to a human-readable format. Blockchains have also the same complex IP address format problem.

The Ethereum Foundation thinks it has a solution to the problems of domain name systems, and it is a Blockchain based solution. In the video below by the YouTube channel of MintingCoins website we are acquainted with this new approach by the Ethereum Foundation. It starts by explaining how to browse the ENS (Ethereum Name System), which are run by smart contracts. It is an auction system that manages the way the names are bidden and allocated.

The market nature of the process must be well understood. The namespace is purposefully made scarce so as to avoid the problems outlined with the current DNS systems. The ownership of the domain name is made to be with almost no risk, but the registration process does not guarantee perpetuity of the domain name. The details of what is being commented can also be checked further in this Medium Blog post: Explaining the Ethereum Namespace Auction.

From Nick Johnson’s Devcon2 presentation.

The process of search and find a new domain name space is an important takeaway from the video above. It is shown how Google Docs automatically loads a spreadsheet with the details of the information relevant for the new domain name registry.

If Blockchain can streamline and improve our current domain name space systems it would be another bold vindication of a technology that is becoming mainstream in other areas. The need to become friendly and familiar with the ecosystems around Blockchain has got only the way of increasing further.

featured image: A beginner’s guide to buying an ENS domain



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