MaidSafe technology for a safe Internet of value truly distributed

The recent major Cyber attacks perpetrated by still unidentified cyber criminals is just another event confirming the current vulnerabilities of the Internet infrastructure. There are many clever people of the view the this infrastructure is far from safe, secure and reliable, exposing us normal users to increasing risks. I am of the same opinion and I also see, without any conspiracy theory tendency, that the current infrastructure is as it is not by accident. Powerful entities control much of the Internet infrastructure and have powerful incentives to do so.

But I am also of the opinion that the future of the Internet mustn’t be like that. Its significance and potential to do good, to be of tremendous value to many human beings and their well-being, must not be compromised by who controls it. As such that control should be, in the very least, properly monitored and in the limit we the users must also have a fair stake and a fair say as to what the future of the Internet should be. It should not surprise us that the still largely centralised structure of current Internet Infrastructure is behind these unpleasant predicaments. The Internet of the future, if it will not be completely decentralised, must strike the right balance and at its core embrace the decentralization principles and advancements as welcomed developments and eagerly sought after endeavors.

Today I introduce to the readers of Digital Distributed Asset the decentralised computing platform called MaidSafe. MaidSafe is a distributed computing development project and yes it is a kind of cryptocurrency, it has its own token, SafeCoin. But it promises more than that. It aims at helping individuals and organizations to really deploy and construct truly decentralized applications within a truly decentralised Internet infrastructure. As a new paradigm MaidSafe do not rely on consensus algorithms to achieve distributed computing performance. Instead it is a crowd-sourced self-encryption scheme. It claims to be much more secure and resilient to cyber attacks than current Blockchain based distributed computing protocols, with some points in its favor.

MaidSafe Review: MaidSafeCoin News

What Maidsafe introduces as an innovative way of computing and processing data is a neat chunking of files (data) process, self-encryption of the data, and storage for a later retrieval process that maintains integrity of the data (this integrity part is the proverbial eye in the beholder issue… ). The video below briefly sketches how Maidsafe accomplishes this effort:

The process described in the video features some technical subjects in modern Cryptography standards. It is beautifully designed. The way the data map turns itself to be a cryptographic key in a distributed file system is a neat innovative idea. The deduplication of data feature is also an important tool for the efficient storage of data with  disk space savings in a completely automated process happening without the user noticing it.

featured image: MaidSafe


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