Digital Distributed Asset – first blog post

The first post from my new Digital Distributed Asset.

This will be a Blog about the new Distributed Computing trends, how it is structuring a new kind of business asset: the digital asset. Needless to say it will feature a lot of content related with the new technology breakthrough called Blockchain. But the blockchain is about distributed computing and cryptography. This blog will feature more about distributed computing. Computer security will be less covered, but a broad knowledge os the subject will be assumed from the outset.

Distributed computing is a deep broad computing field of study. In my other Blog The Information Age I dwell more on the scientific and technical aspects of this subject. Here in this blog I will mostly be concerned with the pragmatic implementations of distributed computing, namely the business case for it. Blockchain broad cluster of applications will be covered, but also subjects such as the Cloud ComputingInternet of Things (IoT), the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the subject of Industry 4.0, the developments in 5G technologies and connectivity/integration of different technologies within business settings, and last but not least the current Artificial Intelligence (AI) trends in business applications will also be widely covered.

As we can see this is  a load of hard work and commitment. I hope to be at the required level, and if anyone wants to join me in this journey, they will be warmly welcomed.

Thank you!

featured image: Distributed Systems


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