What is an Initial Coin Offering?

In the last post in Digital Distributed Asset I have hinted at the need to define as precisely as possible what an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is. I decided not to wait any other post and here it goes today. Initial Coin Offerings appeared recently in the traditional Venture Capital space as new way of funding new […]

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What is The Golem Project ?

What is the Golem project? That is the task of today’s post here in the Digital Distributed Asset. It is an Ethereum run distributed shared computational resource. As such it is a supercomputer. It not only promises to perform this high performance computing in a distributed way, but also to leverage these computations to apply […]

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Scaling Bitcoin Milan 2016 and the fungibility issue with Bitcoin

Fungibility – the functionality of an asset to be interchangeable with itself – is an issue with Bitcoin. Bitcoins and crytpocurrencies are not completely fungible. This is important for an asset to perform well in payments and in reaching quick agreement over settlement of a transaction. If cryptocurrencies will succeed as an important alternative payment […]

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Ethereum Name System: how the new domain name systems run on a Blockchain?

The world-wide web depends on the so called Domain Name System to every website reach us when we type a particular address. However this system is somewhat outdated, centralized (in spite of the Wikipedia entry above stating otherwise…) and increasingly unable to deal to greater demand for registry. Basically this process do the transcription of […]

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